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What Are Xanthones?

What Are Xanthones?


What are xanthones?

  1. Naturally-Produced Chemical Compounds
  2. Highest Levels Are Found in Mangosteen
  3. It Contains High Antioxidant Activity
  4. It Controls Inflammation
  5. It Contains Antimicrobial Benefits


Taking any step towards health and wellness is always a good idea. The best part about it? There are many strategies and ideas out there that you can try. Today, we’ll be talking about one of the best things you can possibly take for your body — Xanthones! What are xanthones? See everything you need to know about it below!


Naturally-Produced Chemical Compounds

A person eating mangosteen
Mangosteen Thai popular fruits – a tropical fruit with sweet juicy white segments of flesh inside a thick reddish-brown rind.

Xanthones, also referred to as xanthonoids, are by far one of the biggest classes of natural compounds in chemistry. They are considered to be some of the most biologically-active matters. This means that when they are consumed, they have a manner of effects. Compounds in Xanthones have been found to have amazing health benefits. The question is — how can you get a hold of them?


Highest Levels Are Found in Mangosteen

Over the years, Xanthones have been discovered in modest volumes from natural sources such as plants, fungi, ferns, and lichens. Yet, the highest levels of Xanthones are found in Mangosteen — a native fruit of Asia and mostly referred to as the “Queen of Fruits”. In fact, there are over 40 known Xanthones in the pericarp of the fruit! While Mangosteen is no stranger to the world, who knew that it may just be one of the healthiest ones out there? Here are its outstanding benefits for your body!


It Contains High Antioxidant Activity

An elderly woman with good skin due to antioxidants

So, what makes Xanthones great for your health? Xanthones offer exceptionally high levels of antioxidant activity. It is well known that antioxidants are great for health. Particularly as there is a high level of protection against pesky free radicals. It is one of the many reasons why we are always told to eat our fruits and vegetables.

With Xanthone being consumed, you are providing your body with high levels of antioxidant activity — more than your regular vegetables. It will protect you more from the risk of free radical damage and provide you with a myriad of other health benefits that you will see below.


It Controls Inflammation

Inflammation is the reaction your body makes when it encounters any type of infection or tissue damage. When your body is poorly taken care of, inflammation will most likely occur, and can eventually lead to chronic inflammation. This is linked to swelling, discomfort, allergies, and even many forms of arthritis.

The Xanthones found in Mangosteen are found to have anti-inflammatory properties because of their high antioxidant levels. In fact, this was already proven back in the day as Mangosteen was utilized as a natural healing remedy to help reduce swelling and the inflammation of wounds.


It Contains Antimicrobial Benefits

An elderly couple wearing face masks during the pandemic

Pathogens, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This is what makes us sick and triggers diseases. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant levels of Xanthones have the ability to fight these — even more when consumed every day.


Key Takeaway

What are xanthones? What was once known as a natural compound in chemistry may just be the best thing you can consume for your health today. The best part? It is highly accessible through its best form — Mangosteen! Get your daily dose of Xanthones (and many more other health benefits) with Healthmax Care’s Mangosteen plus 8 berries! Get yours now by clicking here.

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