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Remedies To Relieve Constipation

Remedies To Relieve Constipation

What are the remedies to relieve constipation?

  1. Loading Up On Water
  2. Consuming More Fiber
  3. Take Fiber-Rich Supplements
  4. Altering Your Diet
  5. Physical Activity
  6. Readjusting Bathroom Habits


Have you been having fewer than three bowel movements a week? Or maybe you’re not passing stools regularly? Then you are probably experiencing constipation. It is a common condition that affects people of any age. But, there’s nothing to be worried about as long as you find remedies for constipation immediately.

When constipation is left untreated, it can lead to negative health conditions like hemorrhoids (piles), fecal impaction, bowel incontinence, and rectal prolapse. Luckily, we’re here to help you with that! Here’s our tried-and-true list of easy and effective remedies for constipation.


Loading Up On Water

If you’re experiencing constipation, you’re most likely lacking in water or undergoing dehydration in the colon. The solution is easy, you need to make certain that you are staying hydrated and taking the recommended cups of water each day. Make sure that you are drinking at least 8 cups a day. When your body is properly hydrated, less water will be withdrawn from the colon and your body will gradually soften your stools, making them easy to pass and release. Water temperature is also important, tap or lukewarm water is better than cold water to avoid constipation.


Consuming More Fiber

A woman drinking medicine for constipation

Fiber is one of the best components that you can take for constipation. You’d be surprised at how this can relieve constipation effectively. This is because fiber increases the weight and size of your stool and softens it, thus, making it easily pass through your intestines. Individuals who incorporate fiber into their diet daily are less likely to become constipated.

Where can you find fiber? The best way to consume this is by pairing a particular diet with supplements! Fruits such as pears, apples, and berries are high sources of fiber. Plus, it has added benefits to your digestive system. It gives you all the more reason to consume it every day.


Take Fiber-Rich Supplements

Supplements are by far the most efficient way to relieve constipation. This is because you are getting the right amount of nutrients for your body with just one dose. As mentioned above, berries are one of the top fruits that have high fiber levels.

With that in mind, you might want to look into Healthmax Care’s Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries! This supplement contains berries that are excellent for constipation relief. The 8 berries found in this product can help give you the exact amount you need to increase the bulk of your stool. This will help the food to move smoothly through your digestive tract due to the enzymes that Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries have.


Altering Your Diet

A woman refusing junk food

The food that you consume plays a huge role in your stools. Customizing your diet and changing your eating habits will go a long way in treating constipation. What are the things that you should be intaking if you’re constipated? It’s best to consume enough fiber and probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi.

But aside from this, there are also foods that you should avoid eating or drinking. These refer to chips, fast food, meat, greasy food, and processed foods. Make sure to be consistent with this to avoid constipation in the long run.


Physical Activity

Did you know that staying active can also help relieve constipation? This is simply because physical activity can increase and maintain your metabolism. Staying consistent with your daily physical activity can help you prevent it as well.

If you live a demanding lifestyle, don’t fret because there are plenty of exercises you can do! Simply just sticking to a regular walking plan of 10-15 minutes daily can help your body and digestive system work at its best. If you prefer low-intensity exercise, try yoga for constipation relief!


Readjusting Bathroom Habits

A man squatting on the toilet

Consider readjusting your bathroom habits to regulate your bowel movement. A simple change in positioning can go a long way. Reduce the stress on the tissues and decrease straining in your intestines by squatting on the toilet to pass a bowel movement. This position helps the pelvic floor in your body to relax. Grab a stool to help you and raise your feet while you try to pass a stool.


Key Takeaway

Constipation is one common concern today. Easily relieve it with these remedies for constipation! However, if you’ve tried these and symptoms still persist afterward, it’s best to see your doctor or a medical professional. Call them right away if you are experiencing severe abdominal pain, vomiting, a swollen abdomen, or are experiencing a complete stop in your bowel movement.

Moreover, if you’re looking for the best fiber and constipation-relieving supplement, Healthmax Care’s Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries is packed with the powerful benefits of mangosteen and berries to help you relieve constipation. Plus, it can give you more benefits to prevent and treat a wide array of health concerns.

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