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How To Avoid Thyroid Disease

How To Avoid Thyroid Disease

How to avoid thyroid disease?

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Lessen soy intake
  3. Get enough selenium
  4. Take supplements

The thyroid gland is the butterfly-shaped organ at the base of your neck that controls your metabolism and produces hormones. The diseases for this organ include goiter and thyroid cancer, but the most common thyroid diseases are hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. These two common diseases happen when the thyroid gland produces too little or too much thyroid hormones respectively.

The key on how to avoid thyroid disease is learning how to properly take care of your thyroid gland. At one point, over 1.2 billion people are at risk and need iodine supplements in the entire world. These diseases can happen at any age, especially if you have risk factors. To help you, we’ve compiled a guide on how to prevent thyroid diseases. Keep reading to learn more!

Quit smoking

Cigarette smoking is notoriously unhealthy, and it should come as no surprise that it affects your thyroid gland as well. Cigarette smoke is rich in toxins that can harm your thyroid gland. It can effectively block the production of thyroid hormones and also increases your risk of developing Graves’ diseases, which, in turn, leads to hyperthyroidism.

Quitting smoking will not only help you avoid thyroid disease, but it will also help you become healthier in general. Ask your healthcare provider for help if you’re having trouble kicking the habit.

Regulate soy intake

Regulate soy intake

The ingredient soy has become controversial because of its ability to affect thyroid hormones. While it is not an unhealthy ingredient per se, some studies imply that it can raise thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels. However, its clinical effects on the body are still unclear.

What the ingredient can do is affect the absorption of levothyroxine, the medicine for hypothyroidism that acts as synthetic hormones. Soy shares this characteristic with nutrients such as calcium, iron, and aluminum hydroxide, which means it isn’t unique to the ingredient. 

Nevertheless, the best thing to do is follow your doctor’s orders when taking medicine for hypothyroidism, and don’t overdo your soy intake for safety’s sake.

Get enough selenium

Selenium is an important micronutrient to keep your thyroid healthy. Studies have shown that it is necessary to have a healthy and functional thyroid at all stages of life, so regular intake is more than just helpful — it’s a requirement. The mineral also doubles its importance by protecting the thyroid from any oxidative damage. Fortunately, it’s easy to get the nutrient in your diet because most whole grains and dairy products have selenium. 

If you’d rather have a more natural diet for your thyroid, the Hawthorn berry is another great source of selenium. Not everyone is familiar with this fruit and its benefits, but we understand how it can help your health. That’s why we include the Hawthorn berry as an ingredient of our completely organic Healthmax Care Vitamin Supplements!

Take health supplements

Take supplements

Nutrients that help keep your thyroid gland healthy can be found in plenty of foods, and you should have enough if you have a balanced diet. Selenium is important in maintaining a healthy thyroid gland. It can boost your immune system and prevent hypothyroidism.

The best supplement to maintain thyroid and overall health is an organic supplement made from natural ingredients. The Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries Vitamin Food Supplement can also enhance your immune system and has anti-cancer properties. Our capsule contains the vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B3, fiber from the berries that it’s made from. They are derived from mangosteen, wolfberry, and acai berry among others. Thanks to its nutrients, taking these supplements regularly will keep you and your thyroid healthy.

Healthmax Care capsules have helped people with their body pains and diseases all over the Philippines. Listen to them firsthand and learn how these capsules changed their lives for the better here!

Key Takeaway

Knowing how to avoid thyroid disease, as with any other disease, is linked to keeping your entire body healthy. Healthmax Care makes health products derived from fruits such as mangosteen, wolfberry, and acai berry among others. If you want to gain health benefits from organic supplements, learn more about our supplements here, and order from us through our shop anytime!

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