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What Fruits Can Aid Weight Loss?

What Fruits Can Aid Weight Loss?


What fruits can aid weight loss?

  1. Mangosteen
  2. Wolfberry
  3. Raspberry


Having excess weight can increase your risk of certain conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer, sleep apnea, and a fatty liver. If you want to switch to a healthy lifestyle and manage your weight, it is important to exercise regularly. Another thing you should do is to observe what you eat. To help you out, we have listed down some fruits for weight loss below. Read on!




Mangosteen is a tropical fruit commonly seen in Southeast Asia. Its scientific name is Garcinia mangostana. Its hard skin is colored purple and the flesh inside is all white. Why is mangosteen good for aiding weight loss? It is low in calories but high in beneficial nutrients.

In an experiment, people who consumed mangosteen juice every day had a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who did not. If you don’t know, the BMI tells you if you are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. This is done by measuring both the height and the weight. In another study, mangosteen supplements were given to a group of mice. The results showed that they gained less weight compared to the other mice. It also helped reduce the level of bad cholesterol in their bodies.

To eat mangosteen, you can peel the skin off and eat the flesh inside as is. The taste is a combination of sweet and sour, similar to that of a peach. If you want to use it in drinks, it can also be added to smoothies or made into a juice.




People who want to lose weight not just change their eating habits but also their physical activity. However, some people start strong and lose motivation in the middle. Others feel too tired because of work and daily chores to even have the energy left to exercise. If you are having these problems, consuming wolfberries may just help you.

The fruit is also known as the goji berry. It has a small size like other berries and a bright red color, similar to a tomato. It has been used for a long time in Chinese traditional medicine.

A study has shown that the juice of goji berries helped improve the energy levels of its participants after 15 days. This is because it also greatly improved sleep quality, digestion, and mental health. The heightened energy levels helped participants to perform well in athletics.




Raspberries, like other types of berries, are low in calories but high in nutrient value. A cup of this fruit has around 64 calories and 8 grams of fiber. This means that you can add it to your diet without worrying about gaining any weight.

In an animal study, mice that were fed with raspberries gained less weight than mice that were fed with a high-fat diet. In addition to this, the high fiber content of this fruit may help you feel fuller for longer, which can make it easier to avoid snacking and cravings.

Other berries such as acai berry, bilberry, cranberry, grapeseed, wolfberry, hawthorn berry, and acerola berries also have low calories and ample fiber content.


Key Takeaway

Being overweight and obese can lead to diseases. If you want to lose weight, exercising regularly and eating right can help you. Certain foods can also better aid you with this task. In this blog post, we discussed the different fruits for weight loss.

If you’re interested in these fruits but can’t find them anywhere, you can try our Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries supplement. It has mangosteen, wolfberry, raspberry, acai berry, bilberry, cranberry, grapeseed, hawthorn berry, and acerola berry. It has many health benefits for you and your whole family!

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