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The Best Food Sources Of Vitamin C

The Best Food Sources Of Vitamin C

What are the best food sources of vitamin C?

  1. Cranberry
  2. Raspberry
  3. Acerola Berry
  4. Mangosteen


Vitamin C has been one of the most prevalent vitamins in the world of nutrition, and it’s not hard to understand why. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, it helps lower blood pressure, it is a great immune system booster, and it increases iron absorption. The list goes on and on. So if you’re looking for an essential vitamin to add to your diet and to help you kick start your health journey, this vitamin should definitely be on your must-haves. Below is a list of the greatest food sources of vitamin C to help you out!



Close up of cranberries

Did you know that some berries contain some of the highest vitamin C content? They are known for their antioxidant properties all over, but some of them are specifically rich in vitamin C. Apart from how it provides essential nutrients like vitamins E and K, vitamin C is one of a cranberry’s predominant antioxidants, helping your body protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.



Raspberries on a table

Next on the berry list is raspberries! These fruits may be highly-praised for their fiber content and gut supporting properties, but they have a broad nutritional profile. Raspberries are abundant in vitamin C. In fact, over one cup of raspberries can provide you with over 50% of the daily target.


Acerola Berry

A bowl of acerola berries

Last on the list for berries are the Acerola berries! This may not be as famous as some berries you see out there, but this berry has extremely beneficial health properties! This shrub-like plant originated in Mexico and has been traditionally used for liver ailments, diarrhea, and colds. Over the years, more and more individuals have been seeing interest in it because of its vitamin C content. Just one-half cup of this can deliver more than 800 mg of Vitamin C. That’s almost 900% of the daily value!



A bowl of mangosteen

Mangosteen, also referred to as the queen of fruits, is also one of the highest sources of antioxidants. The fruit is commended for its naturally occurring polyphenol compounds called Xanthones, which help protect bodies from various diseases. On the other hand, it is also a good source of vitamin C. Xanthones and vitamin C are powerful when paired together. They might just be the best immune-boosting duo. While Xanthones fight free radicals, vitamin C promotes the production of leukocytes for your white blood cells.


Key Takeaway

We all know how important vitamin C is to our bodies, it is one of the most famous and most-praised vitamins in the world of nutrition. It holds a plethora of health benefits! It greatly helps in boosting the immune system, stimulating the production of collagen, l-carnitine, and neurotransmitters. Additionally, it is also linked to healing some health concerns! Since vitamin C is water-soluble and our bodies do not naturally store it, it is vital to take a daily intake of it from food sources of vitamin C.

Cranberries, raspberries, acerola berries, AND mangosteens can all be found in Healthmax Care’s Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries. Here, you get ultimate vitamin C consumption with many other benefits along the side!

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