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Effective Ways To Boost Nutrient Absorption

Effective Ways To Boost Nutrient Absorption

What are the effective ways to boost nutrient absorption?

  1. Eliminate Unhealthy Habits
  2. Support and Nourish Your Gut Health
  3. Combine Different Nutrients Together


We’re always told to eat healthily because what we consume plays a huge role in our bodies. But making sure that we eat our fruits and vegetables is just one part of the picture. The moment we start eating our food, the nutrients it contains need to be absorbed by the gut in order to enter our bloodstream. It will then be transported to the different parts of the body that need them. This is what we call nutrient absorption. Without good nutrient absorption, chances are, you won’t get to make the most out of what you eat.

Along the side, your body won’t function properly, leaving you more vulnerable to deficiencies, illnesses, and diseases. But don’t fret, because fortunately there are several ways you can boost your body’s ability to absorb nutrients to help you get the best and most out of what you eat. Here is our list of easy and effective ways to boost nutrient absorption!


Eliminate Unhealthy Habits

A woman refusing a glass of wine

We understand how easy it is to get caught up with your day to day responsibilities. However, not taking care of yourself can lead your body to absorb nutrients and vitamins slower. It can additionally have detrimental effects on other parts of your body. Your dietary habits aren’t the only contributor to nutritional absorption. Your lifestyle habits play a huge role in it, too.

Alcohol can be enjoyed from time to time, however, large amounts of this and frequent usage will most likely damage the cell linings of your stomach and intestine. As a result, your body will make it harder for the nutrients to seep into the bloodstream. This also goes for excessive consumption of coffee. Try to limit yourself to only one cup per day. Instead, try to consume natural digestive enzymes that can strengthen the linings of your intestine!

Apart from that, some habits that could hurt nutrient absorption are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, eating too close to bedtime, eating too much in one sitting, small consumptions of fiber, and not cleansing your bowels.


Support and Nourish Your Gut Health

Closeup of cranberries

How are nutrients absorbed? When you consume food, it first moves through your small intestine. The lining of the small intestine is comprised of structures called villi and microvilli. This is what increases the surface area of the small intestine over which nutrients can be absorbed. Once the nutrients have been transported to the membranes of the villi and microvilli, they then reach your capillaries. The job of the capillaries is to transfer the nutrients to larger blood vessels for transportation around the body.

Because of this, it only makes sense to support and nourish your gut health more than ever. It is the powerhouse of nutrient absorption. Without a healthy gut, you probably won’t be able to receive the nutrients that you want.

You may want to consider berries for gut and digestive health. These little fruits really do live up to their hype. They are abundant with vitamins and minerals for your overall well-being. The polysaccharides from berries, namely pectin, arabinoxylans, and cellulose, are food for microbiota. These have excellent and significant gut impacts! These can inhibit oxidative damage, repress cellular response to inflammatory agents, and hinder pathogenic microorganisms.

These are all found in berries, however, they are most commonly associated with cranberries. In fact, these berries are popularly known to prevent UTI.


Combine Different Nutrients Together

A person making a salad

There are plenty of vitamins and minerals out there. You can consume many of those in just one sitting. All you have to do is eat a variety of foods in one meal. Remember, eating colorful foods is very helpful! When preparing your meals, think of pairings such as salads with vegetables, brown rice with greens, fruit salads, and more. Get creative! There’s so much you can do with food. This will ensure a broad variety of nutrients.

Staying hydrated and loading up on water is no joke. Along with its other amazing benefits for the body, it helps with nutrient absorption. Keeping up with the ideal eight glasses of water per day will help with the breakdown of food in your body.


Key Takeaway

Everyone knows that eating healthy will do wonders for your body. But to make it worth it all the while, you should also maintain good nutrient absorption. This will make the most out of all the fruits and vegetables you eat for optimal health!

Here at Healthmax Care, our Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries supplement can help you with that. Cranberries are one of our eight berries. Aside from that, you can also reap wolfberries for your circulatory system, grapeseed for Vitamin E, acerola berries for your overall health, and more. One berry has a flourishing amount of benefits.

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