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How Berries Can Help with Gastrointestinal Problems

How Berries Can Help with Gastrointestinal Problems

How can berries help gastrointestinal problems?

  1. Antioxidants Are Great For The Gut
  2. High In Fiber
  3. Packed With Nutrients
  4. Anti-Inflammatory
  5. Lowers Cholesterol Levels
  6. Keeps Your Arteries Healthy


Although all our organs work hand-in-hand to make us function optimally every day, we should be paying close attention to our gastrointestinal tract. It plays a huge role in your immune system, heart, brain, digestion, and mood. A few of the many digestive conditions you can develop today include gallstones, stomach pain, ulcers, and hemorrhoids. In fact, most digestive complications could indicate a more serious condition. If you want to take preventive measures to help relieve symptoms, invest in berries for gastrointestinal problems.

These magical fruits can help you with almost any of your concerns. Today, we’re going to tackle the reasons why.


Antioxidants Are Great For The Gut

If you haven’t already heard, berries are one of the top foods that are packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are highly beneficial to your gut health for several reasons.

Firstly, it helps with your gut lining. The cells that line your gut are what absorb the nutrients from the food that you consume. They are also what eliminates all dangerous bacteria. Berries can provide high antioxidant levels that protect the lining from bacteria called H. pylori bacterium. This bacteria causes ulcers and sores that can eventually lead to stomach cancer.

If your gut lining is healthy, you are able to enhance the effects of vitamins and the nutrients that you consume. For instance, if you are consuming more vegetables in your diet, with berries you can maximize all its nutrients and benefits.

Lastly, if you are already consuming probiotics, you will successfully reap all its benefits with berries. Antioxidants found in berries can help stimulate the growth of probiotics that help improve friendly bacteria in the digestive system and assist in the treatment of diarrhea.


High In Fiber

A woman going to the toilet

Aside from being rich in antioxidants, berries are also an excellent source of fiber. Fiber is a well-known carbohydrate that almost everyone invests in to improve their gut health. It can keep bowel movements regular, fuel healthy colon cells, and keep the digestive tract flowing.

Diets that have the right amount of fiber have much lower incidences of constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticula (outpouchings) in the colon.


Packed With Nutrients

The sole function of the digestive system is to absorb and digest the food you intake. Just imagine how much benefit your gastrointestinal tract is reaping when you consume this powerful fruit. Let’s take a look at some of the berries found in Healthmax Care’s Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries. These berries of different kinds are filled with several nutrients and have their own set of beneficial features.

  1. Red Berries such as cranberries, wolfberries, acerola berries, and raspberries are rich in vitamins C, B, and E. They also contain high levels of magnesium, calcium, and potassium.
  2. Acai Berries are nutrient-dense because they have great amounts of fiber, vitamin A, calcium, zinc, and potassium.
  3. Hawthorn Berries are known for their gut-healing properties! The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities in this berry possess antimicrobial advantages to the digestive system.



We all know how anti-inflammation is great for the body. It is one of the components that help you fight off diseases. Antioxidants found in berries have high anti-inflammatory elements that notably help with chronic inflammation of your digestive tract. Inflammation in the digestive tract is usually the main root of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. The anti-inflammatory benefits of berries also help in reducing upset stomachs, unintentional weight changes, and bloating.


Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Deep-fried fast food, processed meals, and take-outs. We all know how these can be bad for our health. However, high cholesterol levels can cause severe stomach pain, gallstones, and even an enlarged liver or spleen. However, along with some lifestyle changes, berries can help you lower your LDL or bad cholesterol levels. Berries can also help prevent these bad cholesterol from becoming oxidized or damaged.


Keeps Your Arteries Healthy

Graphics of healthy arteries

Upper belly pain may be a sign of clogged arteries and narrowed vessels in the gut. Don’t overlook this as it can cause common gastrointestinal problems such as intestinal angina, gallstones, ulcers, pancreatitis, and abdominal pain. Studies show that berries may also help reduce arterial stiffness. Make sure that you are consuming the right amount of berries daily to prevent yourself from getting severe gastrointestinal diseases.


Key Takeaway

Everyone wants to be free of gastrointestinal diseases. If you want to prevent severe digestive sickness and provide overall optimal health to your body, consider berries for gastrointestinal problems. Reap all the benefits of 8 berries with Healthmax Care’s Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries capsule!

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