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About Healthmax Care

Healthmax Care Enterprises Corp. is a nutraceutical company, established in March 2011, registered in SEC, with LTO permit from FDA, and engage in distributing health products to drugstore such as Mercury Drug. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality food supplements and health care products that bring excellent results to its users. With Healthmax Care, consumers are assured of high-quality and effective healthcare products that help promote a good life for the whole family.

Pharmaceutical Medicines vs Nutraceutical Supplements

✓ Onset we don’t intend to replace traditional medicines

✓ Both can co-exist (may even enhance)

✓ Safety profile (generally) vs known adverse effects (short term or delayed)

Fruits and Benefits


Benefits of Mangosteen

Xanthones for immune system



Anti-inflammatory effect



Helps boost energy

Improves Digestion

Promoted better sleep

Helps maintaining cholesterol level



For better vision

Anti-diabetic, lowers blood sugar levels

Supports cardio vascular health


Promotes good eyesight

Anti-diabetic properties

Fiber for detox and good digestion


Promotes healthy heart

Good for circulatory system

Immune booster, 30x more than Vit C(500mg)

Helps prevent UTI



Helps heal wound

Good for osteoporosis

Energy 20x more than Vit E(500mg)

Helps lower cholesterol and high blood pressure


Supports the immune system

Has anti-inflammatory properties

Helps support cardio vascular health

Helps improve vision related disease

Hawthorn Berry

Promotes healthy heart

Good for circulatory system

Acerola Berries

Enhances better immune system

Anti-diabetes properties

Anti-inflammatory effect

Anti-oxidant properties

Rich source of Vitamin C

As seen on

Health Care Mangosteen Plus Berries contains 8 berries. No other in the market. Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus Berries food supplement has phytochemicals and antioxidants for good health.

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